Program Registration and Completion Guide

* For DOCTORAL STUDENTS as of 2021 Fall click here(21AY Fall registration)

* For NEW MASTER'S STUDENTS as of 2021 Fall click here(23AY spring registration)

22AY Spring Registration

1. Attend the Enrollment Briefing session

2. Submit Your Application

Application Deadline: October 11, 2021
How to Apply: Submit your application (in PDF format) via e-mail at the Tokyo Tech Academy of Energy and Informatics Management Operations Office :
e-mail: management_office[at] (change [at] to @).
Application Form: Click here to download the form (Internal only).

* For preparing documents, please carefully follow the

Guideline for Document Preparation and Course Guide for ISE Students

3. Selection Examinations


Students who are applying to ISE for 22AY Spring registration MUST take the course "Energy Innovation Co-creative Project"(ENR.B502 issued by Graduate Major in Energy Science and Engineering ) that is subject to be reviewed for the selection.

Document and
Poster Presentation Reviews:
October, 2021~Late November, 2021(P)
* the presentation will be a part of "Energy Innovation Co-creative Project" on 22 Nov. or 29 Nov, 2021.(P)
* those who are not able to take the class above will have an opportunity of a presentation to make
sometime around the period above.(P)
Interview: Late December, 2021 (P) ※If necessary

4. Notification of Selection Results

Informal Notice: Late January, 2022(P)
Formal Notice: March, 2022(P)


Tokyo Tech Academy of Energy and Informatics Management Operations Office
E-mail to: management_office[at] (change [at] to @)