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[Closed] ISE Invited Lecture – Molecular sieving and adsorption by exploiting 2D membranes based on γ-graphynes

Thursday, 7th September, 2023, 17:00-18:30, Online
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Massimiliano Bartolomei
Instituto de Física Fundamental, Consejo Superior de Investigaciones Científicas (IFF-CSIC),
Serrano 123, 28006 Madrid, Spain.

Porous two-dimensional (2D) materials are attracting a great interest for their potential use in gas separation technologies. In fact, due to their single-atom-thickness, a very fast molecular permeation is expected, as compared to conventional 3D membranes that exhibit flow rates usually inversely proportional to the membrane thickness. 2D materials called γ-graphynes are novel artificial carbon allotropes that are very promising candidates to become the ultimate membranes for molecular separation and adsorption. Indeed, their composition based on sp- and sp2-hybridized carbon atoms gives them a peculiar and regular structure consisting of sub-nanometric triangular pores whose size is of the same order of that of small atom and molecules. Therefore, such species are expected to encounter a non-negligible activation barrier for transmission through the membrane, which can lead to an enhanced selectivity between different gases. In this talk, recent theoretical studies are reported on the use of γ-graphynes as promising membranes for the separation not only of the components of a gaseous mixture but also of their isotopic counterparts. Moreover, the possible use of γ-graphynes as “ad hoc” adsorbing media for the storage of species such as as H2, CO2 and alkali metals is also addressed.