Energy & Informatics
International Forum

Connecting, Creating, Energy・Information・Human・Society

2021/12/15~18 Venue:Online

"Energy & Informatics International Forum" is a part of the curriculum of TokyoInstitute of Technology, in which students develop their design thinking ability by synthesizing the scholarly knowledge, exploring (interdisciplinary), crossing(transdisciplinary), and adding to (multi-disciplinary) the border between energy and information.
Tokyo Tech Academy of Energy and Informatics(ISE) students, program members (Tokyo Tech, companies, overseas partner institutions) and the students from overseas program members are going together at the forum. We also invite notable researchers from overseas partner institutions (primarily the world’s top 15 universities that are consortium members) to discuss on research outcomes, debates, and more.
Students will cultivate a global perspective and international collaboration skills by engaging in exchanges, research presentation, group work, in the same room with students from overseas and receiving advice from a mentor.

This forum focuses on the following topics:

① Materials and Devices for energy

(Ex. Fuel cell, solar cell, secondary battery, capacitor, electrolysis, energy materials (ion conductor, electrode) etc.)

② Reactions for energy

(Ex. Combustion, catalysis, energy carriers, fluid dynamics etc.)

③ Systems and Data Science for energy

(Ex. System optimization, big data science, AI etc.)



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Chairperson Prof. Junichiro Otomo (Tokyo Tech)
Executive Committee Prof. Mika Goto (Tokyo Tech)
Prof. Kazuyoshi Hidaka (Tokyo Tech)
Assoc. prof. Hideaki Ishii (Tokyo Tech)
Prof. Yoshisato Kimura (Tokyo Tech)
Assoc. prof. Hidetoshi Matsumoto (Tokyo Tech)
Assoc. prof. Sachiko Matsushita (Tokyo Tech)
Assoc. prof. Shinsuke Miyajima (Tokyo Tech)
Assoc. prof. Isao Ono (Tokyo Tech)
Assoc. prof. Takashi Sasabe (Tokyo Tech)
Prof. Yusuke Shimoyama (Tokyo Tech)
Assoc. prof. Masayasu Shimura (Tokyo Tech)
Prof. Tetsuya Suekane (Tokyo Tech)
Prof. Teruoki Tago (Tokyo Tech)
* All the names are listed in alphabetical order.

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Tokyo Tech Academy of Energy and Informatics (ISE)
Management Operations Office
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