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The educational program, “Multi-Scope・Energy Wise Professionals” program is adopted as a “Doctoral Program for World-leading Innovative & Smart Education (WISE) Program, JSPS, MEXT (2020)”

“WISE program” is the educational program of the five-year consistent doctoral degree program based on the world’s highest level educational and research activities with the systematic cooperation with top overseas universities and private companies. 4 programs were adopted among 42 applications.

“Multi-Scope・Energy Wise Professionals” program (Prof. Manabu Ihara, the head of this consortium, as the Program Coodinator) is developed by the Tokyo Tech faculty members of the InfoSyEnergy consortium and integrally managed with InfoSyEnergy consortium and their faculty members in Tokyo Tech and the collaborative members participate as the program members.

MEXT press release (in Japanese only)

WISE program commission examination result (in Japanese only)