InfoSyEnergy Research and Education Consortium 3rd Members-Only Research Workshop

【Date and time】2021.5.25(Tue)  13:30-16:15
【Place】Tokyo Tech Okayama Campus (Midorigaoka Bldg. 6 1F)
*This event will be held both face-to-face and online via Zoom
【Theme】Rule-making and new business

Social issues and policies and systems for solving them such as SDGs and ESG investment have come to have a clear impact on the business environment and new business development. In modern business management, it is clearly not sufficient to consider only technology and product managements and business model construction. It is an important issue for us to build an advantageous business environment through not only ex post facto response to new rules but also global agenda formation and rule formation while solving social issues. This workshop aims to clarify the contents of research and policy/social proposals that should be carried out as this consortium, while taking into account the development of the business ecosystem including policies, institutions, and the financial sector.

4th InfoSyEnergy Corporate Advisory Board Meeting≫

The InfoSyEnergy Corporate Advisory Board has its 4th session before the workshop. At the meeting, external members of the consortium (companies, municipalities, research institutes, universities, etc.) received reports on the consortium’s activities and explanations of the schedule for future activities. They also had op portunities to give their opinions.

【Date and Time】2021.5.25(Tue)  10:30 a.m. to noon
【Place】 Online event held via Zoom

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