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Tokyo Tech Academy of Energy and Informatics Launches Website, Posts Info for Prospective Students.

The Tokyo Tech Academy of Energy and Informatics has launched its official website. New posts on the site include an announcement about an information session for students looking to join the Academy’s inaugural class as well as information on how to apply to the Academy.

Please click here to visit the Tokyo Tech Academy of Energy and Informatics website

The Academy of Energy and Informatics is the newest of Tokyo Tech’s academies, the brainchild of the Tokyo Tech faculty members of the InfoSyEnergy Research and Education Consortium. It was established on December 1, 2020 to implement the Multi-Scope・Energy WISE Professionals five-year integrated doctoral degree program, which MEXT selected for its FY2020 WISE Program (Doctoral Program for World-leading Innovative & Smart Education). Consortium head Manabu Ihara will serve as the program director of the Academy.

The Academy aims to develop Multi-Scope・Energy WISE Professionals who will utilize big data science (AI analysis and data science) to design a new sustainable energy society. Multi-Scope・Energy WISE Professionals are global professionals who have mastered the three scopes of multi-disciplinary energy science, big data science, and social design.

Under the banner of the WISE Program — a MEXT initiative for the creation of five-year integrated graduate education programs — the consortium’s more than 70 Tokyo Tech faculty members will work together in the Academy with program staff members from among the Academy’s 25 corporate members, 6 domestic and foreign public research institute members, Hitotsubashi University, and 15 overseas universities. The Academy and the consortium operate integrally to advance collaborative research and the development of doctoral talent.

Graduate students interested in participating in the inaugural class of the program starting in April 2021 are already being recruited through the website. Details on the program are updated regularly, so be sure to check the latest information on the site.