Student Selection

Students applying to the program are evaluated and selected by faculty members and corporate collaborators on the basis of their progress in research at the master’s level, academic abilities, expertise, and other factors.
Even after selection, students will encounter “stage gates” that serve to motivate them and ensure the quality of those who complete the program.


The first stage gate involves an evaluation of the student’s master’s thesis. An open hearing of thirty minutes or more, including a thesis presentation and a Q&A session, will be convened. Faculty members rigorously assess the qualifications of students for acceptance into the doctoral-level of the program.


As a proposal of research outreach to the public (“InfoSyEnergy Outreach”), one year prior to the completion of doctoral degree programs, students are required to submit reports drawn from comprehensive and diversified insights into the social significance and value of their own research. Evaluations will particularly focus on their achievement levels from the perspective of defining and refining the social design scope.

Continued evaluations

Utilizing the InfoSyEnergy International Forum, InfoSyEnergy Joint Research Projects, InfoSyEnergy International Fieldwork, and other opportunities, mentors will provide continuing evaluations and guidance.

Final examination

Treating dissertation presentations as the final examination opportunity, in addition to the Tokyo Tech criteria for the awarding of doctoral degrees, achievement evaluations will also be conducted in light of the program’s educational goals and students’ professional growth, leading to decisions on program completion.

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