About The Tokyo Tech Academy of Energy and Informatics

Our Objectives

The goal of the Tokyo Tech Academy of Energy and Informatics is to develop Multi-Scope・Energy WISE Professionals who will help realize a sustainable, human-centric energy society free of usage constraints such as costs and CO2 emissions. This will involve using tools for the intelligent use of energy, such as AI-based big data analysis. After mastering multidisciplinary energy science, these individuals will transform and design this new energy society using big data science and their social design skills. We will achieve this through the Tokyo Tech Academy of Energy and Informatics program.

Developing Multi-Scope・Energy WISE Professionals will enhance the quality of Tokyo Tech’s research in the field of Integrated Energy Science, one of our priority fields, as well as develop WISE Professionals capable of succeeding in the field. Achieving these two ends will also help us attain the goal of our Designated National University proposal, which is to drive Tokyo Tech’s research quality to world-leading levels. This is why Tokyo Tech is devoting all its resources to cultivating and sending out Multi-Scope・Energy WISE Professionals into the world.

What are Multi-Scope・Energy WISE Professionals?

They are individuals who have mastered multi-disciplinary energy science and will transform and design a new energy society through big data science and their social design skills. In other words, they are professionals who possess abilities in the following three scopes as well as the strong force of personality needed to engage and drive others.

The Three Scopes(Multi-scope)

  • Scope .1Multi-disciplinary Energy Science Scope

    Scholarly knowledge related to multi-disciplinary energy science classified and reconstructed through analysis of knowledge and parallels pertaining to energy devices and systems (profound expertise)

  • Scope .2Big Data Science Scope

    The aptitude to concretely synthesize AI analysis and data science as they apply to their own energy-related areas of specialization (expertise and skills)

  • Scope .3Social Design Scope

    Knowledge and skills in social science disciplines covering business innovation, finance, marketing, policy theory, econometrics, etc. The ability to persuasively motivate and engage others by sharing the social and economic value of their own R&D and business designs, and leadership competencies needed for success at a global level (expertise and quality as members of society)

The Three Expected Opportunities

  1. Social innovation through starting business ventures
  2. To plan, propose, and promote new businesses within companies
  3. Leading creation of future society at universities and research institutes

Collaboration with the InfoSyEnergy Research and Education Consortium

The InfoSyEnergy Research and Education Consortium is comprised of Tokyo Tech faculty and members from corporations, public institutions, and top foreign universities that support education and research activities aimed at developing Multi-Scope・Energy WISE Professionals.
Enhancing the research and educational systems by strengthening collaboration with consortium members makes two things possible. The first is conducting graduate education in a setting close to the real world through, among other things, business mentors and overseas mentors. The second is providing points of contact between consortium members and students through international forums and similar opportunities. Achieving these two things helps students visualize and secure their own career paths.

Tokyo Tech Academy of Energy and Informatics program

  • InfoSyEnergy
    Energy Science Courses
  • InfoSyEnergy
    Big Data Science Courses
  • InfoSyEnergy
    Social Design Courses
  • InfoSyEnergy
    Practice Courses
  • InfoSyEnergy
  • Business and international mentorship system

Organization of Tokyo Tech Academy of Energy and Informatics

Message from the Director of Tokyo Tech Academy of Energy and Informatics

Manabu Ihara

Director, Tokyo Tech Academy of Energy and Informatics
Professor, School of Materials and Chemical Technology

 Building a society that harnesses sustainable energy while developing the economy and curbing climate change is an urgent global challenge. The cost of renewable energy has been dramatically reduced during the past several years, and ESG (environment, social, and governance) investment has already started to have a major impact on the industry. In addition, certain technologies are now recognized as essential for building a sustainable energy society: leveraging hydrogen’s ability to store chemical energy as a carrier for global consumption (called as global H2), and producing energy from domestic renewable sources, etc. for local use (called as local H2). As we head toward 2030 and 2050, we will experience a social transformation led by the advancement of energy technologies, for which research and development will be a key driver.

 Furthermore, thanks to advancements in computing technology, we are now able to process big data in bulk, and many methods of data science-based analysis have become relatively easy to use as libraries. As a result, information science is expected to help accelerate research and development in various fields.

 These circumstances led to the establishment of the InfoSyEnergy Research and Education Consortium (“InfoSyEnergy”) at Tokyo Tech in February 2019.

 InfoSyEnergy’s missions are to take the lead in various applications of big data science in factor research and system research in energy fields, and to adopt digitization as a tool for developing a low-carbon or carbon-neutral sustainable society. (Tokyo Tech defines big data science as a combination of data science and AI analysis.) InfoSyEnergy defines its sought-after “ambient energy society” as one in which the environment and economic advantage coexist without people having to worry about energy cost and protecting the environment. We aim to achieve such a society by making the most of big data science and creating new values and services through industry-academia collaboration.

 In August 2020, Tokyo Tech’s proposed Multi-Scope・Energy WISE Professionals doctoral degree program was selected as a WISE Program by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology (MEXT), and the Tokyo Tech Academy of Energy and Informatics was established the following December as the educational arm of InfoSyEnergy. Exceptional students pursing master’s degrees in energy and information fields within Tokyo Tech are selected to participate in the five-year integrated graduate program, with the goal of becoming outstanding professionals with doctoral degrees. The program is designed to help students build a solid understanding of multi-disciplinary energy science, pursue research and development by taking advantage of big data science, and eventually develop into individuals capable of taking leadership and making use of technologies in social design. The program provides sufficient financial support so that students are able to concentrate on their studies, and also offers a number of research collaboration opportunities that will be valuable for future global talent with doctorates. Opportunities are available through international forums, research workshops, internships at overseas locations, among others, thanks to collaboration with InfoSyEnergy member companies and top-class universities around the world. We expect many of our students will become Multi-Scope・Energy WISE Professionals. We also look forward to welcoming companies to participate in InfoSyEnergy and highly appreciate the continued support and cooperation from the business world.